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Working with Youth Services to create a safe and enjoyable base for children.

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Because of the positive results we are achieving and the great demand from Youth Care workers, municipalities, parents and schools, we are looking for new trainers who have the ambition to give children a strong foundation.

It is wonderful and breathtaking to see how children become aware of themselves so quickly and radiate happiness (again). Trainings where parents in particular can see immediately what new behaviors bring and how they are applied. The family dynamics are scrutinized which allows for quick action on challenges and addresses them immediately with the method.

A Basic Foundation

Our customized programs focus on exactly what children need at an early age. A guideline that children can hold onto. Self. A foundation on which they can rely with valuable reins in the areas of self-confidence, influence, concentration, responsiveness, anger management, discipline, respect, communication and purpose. A strong foundation in their young lives that makes everything easier and therefore more likely to live a happy life.


EQfit Academy offers a pathway that provides behavior change. Body-centered therapy is given, so talking about your problems is not necessary. Through the exercises, barriers fall away and the client comes directly to their feelings. Then work is done from feeling. The change comes from repeating over and over again how to deal with feeling. Therapy is system focused, as we will work with all family members. By allowing each to walk their own path and process, you end up with a greater understanding and connection to each other. The behaviors that family members exhibit are brought together in a joint training session. Thus, they learn to regulate with each other in a new way and to see each other again, instead of displaying behavior.

For whom.

Motivated Youth Care Trainer

As a youth care worker, you are already highly motivated to help and support children. The EQfit Academy method takes this a step further. With the exercises, as a care worker, you ensure that the problems become visible even faster and that appropriate action can be taken immediately on the basis of human behavior. By teaching the children, and parents, a new way of responding and behaving, care needs to be significantly reduced.

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