EQfit Academy supports teachers and school-age children.

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We work in a variety of schools, supporting classes and teachers who could use a helping hand. In addition, we have our 5- and 10- week pathways for classes in which the children are given great tools for the future!

In preparation for high school or if a class is struggling to become a group. Collaborations between school and parents or Youth Services and school. There are several ways in which you can use EQfit KIDSS.

We also have pathways and training for teachers. In this way, the method can be used internally in the school and an EQfit Academy behavioral trainer is present internally in the school. The project, “We want to become an EQfit Academy School!”

EQfit KIDSS stands for Being More Powerful in School/Sports!

Goals of children that emerge during EQfit KIDSS training are:

EQfit Academy education provides:

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