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As a parent, teacher or trainer would like to instill good qualities in your children, because they desperately need it in this society. EQfit KIDSS wants that too. It is our mission. An ideal combination of exercise, motivation, and personalization, so that children are confident going into the future and enjoy the road towards their goals. Every child has a right to a bright future, right?

The majority of clients report that EQfit KIDSS has a positive impact on their lives and families. That’s why a large majority recommend the EQfit Family Pathway. As a family, we don’t always have it easy. Sometimes we need support to break certain patterns and learn to deal with what is going on within the family.

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“The task of our autonomic nervous system is to ensure that we survive in moments of danger and thrive in times of safety. To survive, we need to be able to recognize threats and a survival response needs to be activated. To flourish requires just the opposite – the inhibition of the survival response so that social engagement becomes possible. If we don’t have this capacity for activation, inhibition and flexibility of response, it makes our lives hard.” (Deb Dana)

An important part of the practical work is the mapping of response patterns , making children and adults aware of the different states and associated responses of their autonomic nervous system. Using exercises specifically designed to activate the regulatory capacity of the ventral vagal system, they can then step by step replace the ingrained patterns in their nervous system with new, more adaptive patterns, theirself-regulationincrease and begin to use their social engagement system appropriately as they relate to the people and world around them. Thus, people with a history of trauma can learn to reshape their autonomic nervous system and begin to create a new story about themselves and their past.

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